Our Clinicians

Meet our clinicians, from a variety of background and with a variety of specialties such as premarital counseling, counseling for anxiety and depression, addictions and more they use cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness interventions and innovative therapy blends to achieve maximum results. They work with children, teens and couples of all ages to encourage communication and healthy lifestyles.

Suzanne Howard, LCSW

Chrisann Reid, LCSW

Helen E. Schuster, LCSW

Scott Berg, LCSW

Carmen A. Reyes, LCSW

Karen Judd, Ph.D., LCSW

Melinda R. Nemiroff, LCSW

Latara Anderson, MSW

Faryal Choudry, MSW

Wendy Roberts, MSW

Tonya Jones, MSW

Bethanie Sylvaince, MSW